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KISS on vinyl re-releases

Posted on 12/28/2013
Hi guys, I just discovered on the internet that there will be KISS on vinyl re-releases in early 2014! What an excellent idea. Fantastic decision...finally! I have no idea if you will offer the whole back catalogue to us. But I know there´s a huge demand about KISS albums on vinyl out there. Wouldn´t this be a good chance to release the underrated "Carnival Of Souls" on vinyl too? But this time in a proper package. Original cover art work, lyrics, booklet, liner notes, etc.! This sunken raw diamond of an KISS album really deserves a 2nd chance. Maybe this one is not most classic KISS release. But one of the best...musically wise! So please be so kind and think about it. I know lots of KISS fans who would buy this one within a second. No doubt about it! All the best from Germany. Greets, Marc
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