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Vinyl re-releases! :-)

Posted on 12/28/2013
So cool to see 10 albums being re-released on vinyl in a few months! :-) I will buy all of them on the release date. Is there anywhere I can find more info? If not, when will more info be released? Keeping my fingers crossed that all of them will get the same fine treatment Alive did. 180 gram vinyl, original printed innersleeves, all original inlays and brilliabt audiophile remaster. Hope there won't be any bonustracks or other "new" things included, so we can celebrate the albums the way they were originally released... only on better quality vinyl:-) BTW... The remastering done on the Casablanca Singles box is quite possibly the best remastering I have ever hear, on any band, those singles sound FANTASTIC and I love my box! When will batch 2 of vinyl re-releases arrive?;-) All the best! Chris
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