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Succeeding with KISS!

Posted on 01/15/2014
In September, I sent a picture of my number 1 student to kissonline. Her name is Diana. She was just starting her educational journey at that time and was hoping to turn her life into something really positive. Diana worked harder than ever before because she learned to love education and loved being in my classroom which has KISS pictures, dolls, figures, musical ornaments and so much more. She looked forward to each day because she knew we would all have fun in such a positive environment. My"KISS" classroom and my influential stories about how KISS uses hard work and positivity to become the GREATEST has inspired Diana to move to the next level....COLLEGE! I want to thank you...Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric...for helping to inspire my students on a daily basis. Diana and the rest of my students look up to you and want to be as positive and strong as KISS is when conquering goals. As an educator, KISS sets the perfect example of professionalism, passion, and confidence which gives my students the ability to chase their dreams. I have connected KISS to this younger generation...and they wouldn't have it any other way. I have been a loyal member of the KISS ARMY since 1979 and have been to over 150 KISS shows in my life...Just know that when you tour in the NYC area this year, we will all be there...cheering for our heroes and thanking you for making our lives happier in every way possible. On behalf of Diana and the rest of my students, CONGRATULATIONS on your forthcoming induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame....but you have been in OUR hall of fame all along! Thank you and in 2014...LET'S SHOW THE WORLD HOW THE BIG BOYS CONTINUE TO DO IT! A truly loyal fan, Anthony Magnotti
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