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Posted on 01/21/2014
THANKS TO “THE KISS GUYS” - This 5 year old fan was THRILLED! While I was in Japan this past Fall on the experience of a life time as an All Access guest on the Monster 2013 World Tour I had the incredible opportunity to have a great conversation with Gene backstage in Tokyo where he and I even chatted about my 5-year-old niece, Ryan. She LOVES KISS, but Gene is her favorite. He offered to record her a brief message saying ‘hi’ to her and encouraging her to ‘rock out’ (She loves rocking out!). So I recorded his message and sent the video back to her in Canada immediately! She was SO excited that Gene Simmons said hi to her!! Video: After recording the message, Gene personalized a Japan Tour Poster to her with Paul, Tommy and Eric each signing it as well. Once back in Canada I had it professionally mounted and preserved and waited until I saw Ryan to give it to her. When I surprised her with this gift she was SO thrilled with her ‘gift’ from ‘The KISS Guys’ as she likes to call them. She was ecstatic, decided it would be her next show-and-tell item for school, and we hung it immediately in her room. “Thanks Gene Simmons and The KISS Guys for the present – I Love it so much!” –Ryan Sampson So of course I want to say thanks for the unbelievable experience I had in Japan.. But more importantly Thank You for the unreal ‘gift’ you gave my niece, Ryan who LOVES her personalized KISS Japan Tour Poster and video message from Gene! Up next.. Have her meet you guys! Thanks to Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric! Sincerely, –Kyle Sampson
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