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Posted on 01/21/2014
To the members of KISS, you have inspired me to try new things in the world. You have also shown that no matter how bad things get, you just have to keep trying and you can succeed. I have recently bought a guitar and now I am gonna try to play it, and eventually put together a band. But first comes school, I must become an educated person, and eventually become successful in my life. I just finished your new book, "Nothin' to Lose", and my friends always say that I won't become something I want to be, and that happened to you to. So because of you I will show everyone that I can become something. As a 13 year old in this era, all kids listen to is rap, but I'm the only one who still listens to KISS, and will never stop. So I'd just like to say thank you Sincerely, Patrick Mallory
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