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My first Concert (KISS)

Posted on 01/25/2014
I'd like to thank KISS for showing me how to rock n roll all nite. I've been a huge fan since 2006. I've always wanted to meet you guys but I cannot afford It as I am only 13 years old. I'd also like to say that Gene and Paul are my biggest inspiration and I wish them all the best. Here is the story of my first ever concert :- Crazy Crazy Nights It was May 9th 2010 the day of my first concert. KISS' Modern Day Delilah album witch was realased a year earlier blasted through the radio. I was headbanging along to all the songs til the moment we arrived at the venue. I covered my face in white make-up , painted a black star onto my left eye then put on a black wig and i was ready to 'Rock n roll all nite' With my heart pounding in my chest i ran into the hall. Taking dawn took the stage and i felt the loud beautiful screech of the guitar in my ears. The wig was leaving my scratching my head so i took it off thinking it wasn't worth it. After Taking Dawn finished i was amazed by them but then i head something that made me sweat and think i was going to take a heart-attack. The words ''ALL RIGHT GLASGOW.... YOU WANTED THE BEST AND YOU GOT THE BEST.... THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD.. KISS'' Shouted through the speakers, I grabbed my wig and quickly put it on my head. The into of Modern Day Delilah pulsed through my body and i couldn't move. I was frozen by the sound of Tommy Thayers guitar. The flames could be felt from where i was sitting and i was still frozen until the second song. Cold gin started and Gene started singing. I was amazed just by the lightshow, Costumes and explosions all over the stage. I turned to my father and whispered 'Wow' he laughed and pointed to the Demon who put it tongue out. I headbanged along and watched every moment. The fire made my sweat, The lightshow made my eyes water, The costumes made me want to have one and the song made me the guitarist i am today. Admittedly i am not a great guitarist such as Ace, Tommy, Vinnie, Mark St John or Paul Stanley but if it wasn't for KISS i wouldn't have known the fun of strumming out songs with your friends singing along. I had never heard anything like rock n roll until that night. When Gene shouted ''Let me go'' and the guitar began soloing i turned to my brother who is a guitarist and i shouted ''You need to learn that'' He nodded and turned back to watch the band. It was already the greatest night of my life and it was only the 3rd song. The song ended and Paul shouted ''Its getting kind of hot in here its time to call out the firehouse!'' The amps started flashing red and blue and my eyes stared at Gene who was holding a sword witch was in flames. He took a breath and blew the flames causing them to burst into the air. My heart stopped i was told never to go near fire and this amazing bass player (who is my biggest inspiration along with his band) caused it to burst everywhere. My mouth dropped from that moment onwards. When i finally closed my mouth Tommy Thayer shouted ''Shock me'' The song left me with my eyes staring at tommy Thayers hand as he was moving his hands up and down the neck of his les Paul in odd places from at the top of the neck then down to the bottom. Tommy lifted the guitar behind his head and then it began to float. It was lifted into the air as Tommy picked up another guitar. My mouth dropped the second that a firework shot from the guitar and hit the one in the air. After 5 fireworks Eric began to beat the drums in a fast motion filling the air with dum dum dum dum. I had to look again as he lifted out a Bazooka and shot down the lighting rig. I couldn't believe it was fantastic as the metal bars crashed against the stage and the band ran back on. Gene spoke into the microphone 'I'm an animal' The lights flashed on and off then the stage was filled once again with thousands of moving lights causing a one of a kind lightshow. The songs got better and better all throughout the concert. After 100,000 years gene simmons screeched out a thousand notes in a weird order causing a loud but enjoyable sound. The stage was filled with green and Genes mouth with filled with blood. I was slightly scared but i still thought wow but then when Gene flew into the air that was when i had to pinch myself. As i was only 10 i had no idea what was happening but i loved it. 3 songs later the band left the stage. Then my ears were filled with the screams of fans shouting ''KISS...KISS...KISS...KISS'' I joined in and the Paul walked on. ''Glasgow you don't want to go home yet do ya'' We all shouted No. Then Paul shouted ''Lick it up'' The band joined in and it was amazing. The sound caused my to savour ever second i had to listen to the band. One song later Paul Stanley shouted ''Glasgow do you want me to come out there'' We all shouted Yes. Paul then said well i'm not coming out unless you say my name. We all screamed ''Paul'' He said ''Okay then, I'm coming out'' Tommy started playing I was made for loving you on guitar and Paul was lifted above the crowd. He got off a hook and was 10 feet away from me. He spun around and around playing guitar and dancing along. The song ended and he went back to the band and then he said ''Glasgow god gave me one thing and he gave you one thing and if we don't use it then were gonna lose it... God gave rock n roll to you'' The band played and sung a song witch i loved. It was different from the KISS songs they had played earlier in the night. The song ended and then Paul shouted ''And then he said Rock n roll all night and party every day'' The guitar kicked and and my head started banging along. I was singing i was dancing and i was loving it. The air was filled with confetti, The stage was filled with Flames and lights and the hall was filled with fans who didn't want the show to end. Paul Stanley ended the perfect and best night of my life by smashing his guitar off the stage. It was sadly over but i enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks to KISS who are definitely the greatest band in the world. Thanks a lot guys I hope to see you in Glasgow again and I'm going to try my best to get a VIP package as it has been my dream for over half my life to meet you guys!!! It would mean so much if KISS read this :)
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