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Posted on 01/24/2014
Dressed to kiss live at the Beatles 50th anniversary concert festival the 9th of febbuary in New York coming all the way from Rome Italy to perform with an array of Beatles tribute bands and special guest the only Kiss tribute invited to this special event...on Bleecker street at the Bitter End venue on the same street Kiss had their infamous loft where they auditioned Ace and Peter and rehearsed songs for shows and their debut album "KISS" it doesn't get any better or closer for a tribute band than this...Dressed to Kiss goin back to Bleecker street where it all began yeah!! just a bit of an update for everybody.. the Beatles show at the Hudson for the 8th of febbuary is cancelled cause of some problems they had and they've moved the show to Bleecker street at the Bitter end club this is only for the saturday afternoon and evening night shows all the rest of the shows for the Beatles events organized have remained the way they the shows that were meant to be at the Hudson theatre on the saturday afternoon and night of the 8th have been moved to the Bitter end club on Bleecker street the line up is still the same the price fee is not and the tickets are cheaper and all round we feel it's way better for us..cause we will be playing on the same street that kiss had their rehearsal loft on i mean it's awesome yeah!!!
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