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Dynasty on Mexican TV

Posted on 02/14/2014
Mark Simmons, Mike Stanley, Alex Frehley and Waldo Singer would like to thank you KISS, for giving us inspiration, joy, passion and pump-up our hearts for doing what we do....making a tribute band called DYNASTY dedicated to you and all the rock & roll generations following behind... Last night we did a National TV show here in Mexico playing all KISS Klassics prior to Hell & Heaven 2014, this was organized by national cable-tv channel Telehit to celebrate a party for KISS appearance on this Festival, with us playing as the official tribute band considered by fanclubs and media here. We would like to be included in your KISS Tribute Bands Section since it's been 10 Years we've been struggling to find the right Members who share their passion for KISS as much as we do and now we've been Touring the country showing our love and worship for KISS. And we always try to make our best onstage either with our image and sound. This is another picture from that night we mention, we rocked our hearts out and shout it out loud until we could set the world on fire, all for the love of rock & roll! Contact:
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