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KISS and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Posted on 02/23/2014
As much as I love KISS and want to see them preform at the award's ceremony, I do respect this decision. It's really sad that the rock and roll hall of fame won't let one of the greatest rock bands in history celebrate this honor with all of it's members from the bands history. The rock and roll hall of shame is doing everything they can to upset all the KISS fans. They are only accepting the award for the fans. For some reason the rrhof don't like KISS... What would be really cool is for KISS to preform with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, then with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer with makeup and costume, and finish up with Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick without makeup and costume.!! And Eric Carr and Mark St. John will be there in memory and thought. The rest is KISSTORY!!
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