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WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 03/02/2014
On behalf of the entire KISS ARMY, I have a message for our heroes: WE ARE READY!!!!!!!!! We are ready to CELEBRATE the 40th anniversary of the GREATEST band in the history of our planet! We are BURSTING at the seams with anticipation of KISS coming to our cities once again... This is going to be the most MONUMENTAL year of all...KISS is the only band that gets better and better every year... let's all take a deep breath...because here they come.... WE WANT THE BEST AND WE WILL GET THE BEST... This is going to be an AMAZING year! Paul, Tommy, Eric, and Gene...Your fan club is READY TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! ... All other bands wish they had us...but they don't...We are loyal...and KISS and the KISS ARMY will show the world once again how the BIG BOYS do it!!!!! Anthony M. NYC
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