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A Children's Adventure

Posted on 03/02/2014
Hello! My name is Edwin Velez and I have been a dedicated fan of KISS for just as about as long as I can remember. I purchased my very first KISS album in the summer of 1977 and have been hooked on your imagery and music ever since. One day back in 2010 I was listening to the “Unplugged” version of the song called “Goin’ Blind”. There is a point in that song where Gene sings the line “little lady from the land beneath the sea”. At that particular point, my youngest son Cameron curiously asked me, “Dad…where’s the land beneath the sea?” That night when I tucked him into bed the adventure began. The story that I told him was something that I was doing to simply connect with my three year old son as a father and as a KISS fan. Every night after that he would ask me to tell him that same story again and again. Finally one day I simply sat down to write what in my mind was supposed to be a ten page little book for him. What I now have is a 20,000 word adventure that the whole family will enjoy! This is a story that is for everyone…not just for KISS fans. If you aren’t a KISS fan you will enjoy this story…and if you are a KISS fan you will enjoy it even more. It is a story that fathers can share with their children, and children can share with their grandparents. The boys take off on a magical journey in search of “The Land Beneath the Sea”. They will have to travel many fathoms in their “Water Rocket” to get to the very bottom of the sea in order to find this underwater city. Along the way they will see many new strange and wondrous things! They will first have to travel through the Starfish Caverns, and then on through the mysterious Seaweed Forest in order to make their way to “The Land Beneath the Sea”. Once they are in the Seaweed Forest they will have to somehow try and escape from the clutches of the terrible Torpedo Girls! As the boys continue on their journey, they will also encounter a very bad man by the name of Mr. Blackwell! He will stop at nothing to prevent the boys from finding “The Land Beneath the Sea”. The boys never give up, and along the way they will make some very special friends who help them on their journey… friends that they will never ever forget! I hope to one day be able to share this entire story with you. It is something that I am very proud to have written…and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for the inspiration that you have provided! (And the happiness that you have helped me to bring to my child!) Once again thank you so much… Edwin Velez P.S.) My two favorite bands are KISS and the Beatles. (In that order) The Beatles have “The Yellow Submarine”, and now KISS has “KISS in the Land Beneath the Sea”.
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