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Posted on 04/12/2014
What can I say? Thank you, Paul for giving me an EXTRAORDINARY KISS WEEK. I attended all 3 of your book signing events...1 in NYC (See picture attached)...1 in Staten Island...and 1 in NJ, although all books were sold out by the time I arrived. You were FANTASTIC and so kind and accommodating to the KISS ARMY...Taking pictures with us was so amazing! Then, I attended the RRHOF induction ceremony at Barclays Center. I felt so proud to be there and to honor KISS for all of the years of happiness you have brought to my life. I have been on this site in the past...I am the "TEACHING ENGLISH WITH KISS" guy. My students were so excited for me. They knew I was running out of the door at dismissal, all 3 nights to meet you...I would return with your books and they would grab it...hold it...and, most of all, rub your signature so they can feel the inspiration seeping into their souls...It was a very proud moment! I have included some pictures of my students posing with your books. These are students who are considered disadvantaged and disconnected. They lack role models and people to support and inspire them. This is how they end up at my school....for a second chance at life. Many have been teased and bullied, unmercifully. This is where KISS comes in. I share all of my KISS experiences with them...and you can hear a pin drop. I tell them how KISS is a way of life. . .and they love it. They know that KISS and the KISS ARMY do not drugs...and we conduct ourselves as proper human beings at ALL times. I inform them of all of the INSPIRATIONAL things you do for others...such as donating huge amounts of money to the Wounded Warriors Care Project and so many other organizations. They know the message of KISS is to follow your PASSION and to never stop until you reach the top....Then keep reaching to even greater heights! They long to be a person like Tommy Thayer...They know of Tommy's involvement in great causes, his educational background, and his passion for helping others. I told them of my experiences with Tommy through the years. At the NJ Kiss Convention, Tommy was such a gentleman...A truly genuine man who spent over 8 hours signing photos and taking photos with everyone. He did not leave until everyone was satisfied. I told him he was the nicest guy...but the "BADDEST" guitar player in the world. He is decent and honest, rare qualities in this world! He truly ROCKS! I told him about my students, and he made sure to write "Teaching English With KISS" on my photo. They know Eric Singer is the GREATEST drummer on the planet because of the stories I tell when I return from KISS concerts...They know Eric plays with such passion that you can feel it in your bones. Eric is ALIVE!!!! He is a true breath of fresh air...This is something my students try to emulate. He is a true professional, and we all love him! Eric has always treated fans well. It's like we have known him all of our lives. He always makes us feel comfortable. All other bands are jealous!!!! To them, I say..."TOO BAD! HE BELONGS TO THE KISS ARMY!" Gene Simmons, what is left to be said? A man who took a chance on a dream and created a legend.He is a tremendous inspiration in showing his devotion to his very first teacher in life, his mother. He teaches us all that whatever wasn't given in early life, is what you provide in your later life. Most importantly, KISS has been my teaching partner for years. My entire classroom is adorned with KISS pictures, dolls, calendars, posters, stuffed dolls, singing dolls, KISSMAS ornaments, KISS lights, magnets, and everything else you can think of...just check out the pics I attached. My students love it all! KISS is in all of my handouts and tests...The reason my students love learning now is largely due to KISS. They love it all and can't wait for the next day's class so they can share in the POSITIVITY. They never want to leave my room. I love giving them KISS CDs, posters, dolls, t-shirts, tickets...and so much more. They tell me they will cherish it forever and I know they will. These are students who were never given anything. These students now have BIG DREAMS of success...just like KISS. They have learned so much...and they have adopted the KISS way of life. It is amazing to see students who were so "hard" when they arrived become so emotional about the change they have made...They tell me, quite often, "I want to be like KISS"..."I will make you proud, Mr. Magnotti"...It really hits us all deep down...and it's all because of KISS and the powerful message you send of positivity in everything you do. You are HELPING me make a REAL difference in their lives...That is what it's all about! A new and continued generation of KISS fans will live forever. I want to thank you for making my life so full. I have attended nearly 200 KISS shows since my first on July 25, 1979 at Madison Square Garden...First song???? King Of The Night Time World." I already have tickets for 6 of your shows this summer and I have plans for at least 6 more. Some of my students will be going as well because I have been known to give KISS tickets to the ones who score the highest. I just felt the need to let you know what's going on here in Brooklyn, NY...and to let you know how MEMORABLE this past week was. Thank you Eric, Tommy, Gene, and Paul. You will never know the true impact you have made on all of us. We will see you on the road! A devoted KISS ARMY member, Anthony Magnotti
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