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Posted on 04/18/2014
Hi Gene Paul Eric and Tommy, I just wanted to pass along a couple of CD covers I designed from the record cover art. The Destroyer I re-designed and the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover I designed myself. . . I think I an a great idea man and am willing to work for virtually nothing. I am willing to work for what Peter wouldn't work for. . .Just kidding. No offence Pete. I am more interested in getting my ideas out there and making some money as well. I think you guys are more than just a rock group as you are also an image.. I have countless ideas that could help you guys make money and also keep the fans happy with more swag, Thanks for taking this e-mail and maybe you guys will read it this time. A faithful follower for almost 40 years. I will have to send the ALIVE Cobo Hall CD cover in a new letter. Sorry about that. Have a pleasant day, Timothy Jenkins
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