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Kids Tribute To KISS-Benefit Concert Results

Posted on 05/04/2014
Dear KISS online. Thank you so much for featuring our benefit concert for our local animal shelter (Pets Inc) on a few weeks back. I actually didn't send the articles about the show to you as I thought with over 200 active KISS tributes in the country, I thought "Why would KISSonline care?" But apparently KISS Army SC and others sent you the info and you posted it. When I found out is was on KISSonline I was floored! I've seen KISS more than 10 times. Their music meant so much to me as a lonely teacher who had always had his guitar on him and an insatiable appetite for all things Rock N Roll. Well I've moved on from the lonely teenager phase to become the Director of the the largest music schools in South Carolina with almost 1,000 students. Each year we do rock band class shows with our students and I had always wanted to do a tribute to KISS with the kids. The show was a hit! Hundreds of people turned out and we raised $2,000 for the local animal shelter that greatly needed it. Attached is a pic of the performers. It was great to expose the kids to tunes like "I Love It Loud", "Rock N Roll All Night", "I Was Made For Loving You", "Shout It Out Loud" and many more. We also promoted and raffled off two tickets to the upcoming Charlotte NC KISS concert on July 19th. This will be great for me as I'm taking my niece Lilly who is 10 and my nephew Jake who is 7 to the show. They both performed at the benefit (Lilly on vocals and Jake on the drums) and the July show will be their FIRST concert. It's going to be great to bring my love for KISS full circle by breaking them into live shows right-with a show by KISS! So thank you so much for the great music, and it's great to see the flame of Rock N Roll keep burning with the next generation of young performers. Marty Fort Director Columbia Arts Academy
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