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Lion's KISS-Unmasked-Story and My Back to Black-UNMASKED 2014

Posted on 05/04/2014
Hello Paul, Gene, Eric Singer & Tommy ! My first from some BACK TO BLACK-Vinyl-Albums is there since 28. of April 2014 ! The pic I have made today - Sunday the 4th of May - in my Living Room....and it tells most of my KISS-UNMASKED-STORY ! From left to right: 1. The original Inner Sleeve from an US-Album which I find in a Second Hand-Store, with the Poster 1980 inside...but I don't know the country where it's made ! 2. MY FIRST CD EVER......bought 1986 or 1987 for my first CD-Player...keeping it for memory ! 3. The 1997 US-Remaster 4. The Original US-Merchandise-List & 5. The BACK TO BLACK-Album 2014 ! The Original German Edition of 1980 I don't have anymore ! The US-Album which I bought because of the Merch-List & inner sleeve I also not have anymore ! I like that album very much.....The Cover is great ! The story is great ! The Coulers are great ! The Poster is great and the Music is great on all 11 Songs ! Some say this album was a mistake......but I think it was a great follow up to DYNASTY.....better than copy DYNASTY....because how much Bands need this Planet who copies it's sound over and over again ? Music from another dimension......this titel should have a KISS-Album, and not bands who sounds since the 80ties the same ;-) It's great music.......but have nothing to do with alternation !!!!!! The Masters in Classic Metal/Classic Rock what alternation belongs are KISS (and Queen), all others are second best, in that point ! Fan for Livetime, Your Lion
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