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My KISS ALIVE!-Story from 1979/80 till Today

Posted on 05/24/2014
Hello Tommy, Eric Singer, Gene & Paul, since some days my copy of the BACK TO BLACK-Album ALIVE!-2014 is here in my home ! It was together with my order of Destroyer-Resurrected (2012-Vinyl) in my local custom office. Now I wanna tell you guys my ALIVE!-Story and what this album means to me ! I started to be a KISS Fan in December 1979.....and somwhere in 1980 I bought ALIVE! I thought: "What the hell is this ? Sounds very heavy for a band who have albums like DYNASTY & UNMASKED......!" But what I have realized in the first seconds: It's GREAT !!!!!!! This 16 Songs are kicks in the ass ! So: I bought of course all Albums from KISS to ACE FREHLEY and almost every album was a real surprise, because KISS not often sounds the same.......and I also like the different voices....I love a lot of other bands.......but what KISS brings with 4 Lead Vocals isn't that boring like hear always one & the same singer.......! Back to ALIVE! ! It's together with ALIVE 4/SYMPHONY on Nr. 1 from the 4 ALIVE-Albums ! What not means that I like ALIVE 2 not..........I love this too very very much but this two Albums I like a little more ! The pic you see is made on my living-room-table some days ago and shows on the left side: ALIVE! from Germany in the 70ties with original logo and the booklet......seems it is printed in Germany too, because BEALLAPHONE stands on the last the middle you see: 1997 US-Remaster-CD and the US-Sticker of the BACK TO BLACK ALBUM-2014 and on the reight side you see the 2014-Edition of that album & booklet ! What the Music belongs...I like all 16 songs.......and if I can only choose 4 for an lonesome island I would choose: LET ME GO ROCK & ROLL (a total energy-song...), FIREHOUSE, 100000 Years (great it and Paul's speaking is the point on the i) & BLACK DIAMOND......but belive me: I would miss the other 12 very much ! KISS 4EVER & EVER ! Your Lion P.S.: What CDs belongs, I have had the first German Edition and in 1997 I decided only official CDs from the States comes into my I have sold this other one to a Second Hand Store or Private for an apple & an egg !
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