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Flashback to Meeting Gene at Politically Incorrect

Posted on 06/02/2014
While digging through my life-long collection of KISS treasures in anticipation for the start of the tour in Salt Lake City June 23rd (because that's what the KISS Army does) I ran across my personalized Double Platinum certificate signed by Gene when I was invited by the show's producer to hang backstage at a taping of Politically Incorrect. I've kept the memories of that very special day to myself for 12 years... but thought it would be cool to finally share my experience with my friends at KISSONLINE. I was seated in the front row at eye-level across from Gene through the show. I was told he most likely wouldn't be able to meet afterwards, but I was encouraged to bring something to sign in the event he had a minute. After the taping, I was whisked back to the green room and told "STAY RIGHT HERE!" A few minutes that seemed like a lifetime passed, I heard HIS voice in the hallway and... "I'll go get him" from the gracious production assistant. What happened next was so special I'll never forget it for the rest of my life. Gene didn't simply take a couple of seconds to shake my hand and sign an autograph. We visited. Had a real conversation. We talked about the state of the music industry as I had recently finished recording my debut album called White Lie. It was engineered by Guy Charbonneau for Le Mobile - who had done the Halloween Psycho Circus broadcast from Dodger Stadium. He was perplexed at my ability to land a Grammy winning engineer to record and produce my album without the backing of a record label. He asked ME to send him a copy when it was finished. Let me say that again... Gene Simmons asked ME to send HIM a copy of my CD!?!? LOL!!! This was certainly some crazy dream. After a few moments his cell phone rang (Gene's phone was in a yellow KISS case). After the brief call, he tried to sell me his phone! That's when I knew it wasn't a dream. Then, to my surprise, he told the people with him to go on ahead and he wanted to stay behind with me... just the two of us and we visited some more. It was inspiring beyond measure and I've taken his sage advice about believing in yourself with me everywhere I've gone. He waved as the elevator doors closed and I could hear him telling the assistant, "That was really cool." I just wanted to share my moment with friends today. THANK YOU GENE! My family and I can't wait to see you at USANA Ampitheater Section 301 Seat 1-3 ;)
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