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My KISS Tattoo

Posted on 06/09/2014
Hey KISS! I have been a Kiss fan hole my life, since i was able to hear and understand music. I remember my mother played a old tapecaset for me, and i was standing in those things babyes use. its like a prison xD so that they cant run away. but anyway. she has told me that story from when i was a baby, the first time i ever heard Kiss, i whould jump around and sing. and if i was crying. she just put on Kiss. and that made my day. Kiss has allways been there for me. in good times and bad. thourgh sorrow, and happyness. i think that there is a Kiss song for every moment. at least for me, there has been. songs like Forever, God gave rock`n roll to u, cold gin, still love you, and many more. For me, Kiss is not just a band, its a huge part of my life. i remember my first time seeing Kiss. That was spesial. my tears fall on the hall floor. it was the most epic moment of my life. I desided to honor my biggest heros of my life by getting a Kiss portrait tattoo. so i whent to a tattoo artist i had heard lots of talk aboute here i live, his name is Oskar Nybraaten from Gran, Norway. and i think this is one of the most badass tattoo`s i have ever seen, and am so honored to be able to have this incredible piece of art on my arm, of my biggest heroes... I hope you like my tattoo, and that the guys in Kiss can see the picture of my tattoo. and share it with the rest of KISS ARMY! Lots of love from a big fan from Norway! (sorry about my bad writing xD) Andre :)
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