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Posted on 06/13/2014
On what would have been my parents 58th Wedding Anniversary, June 9th, my Mom passed away. She was the BEST Mom in the world. She raised 2 generations of KISS fans. She saw KISS in concert with us 10 times and even once on her own. She always allowed us to listen to our music as loud as we wanted. And most of what we played was KISS. Over the course of the 1970's and '80's, it grew on her to the point that, when the Hot In The Shade Tour came, she wanted to go. It was an outdoor concert on a full moon night. With the Sphinx and the lasers shooting out into infinity, she was blown away. She went to 10 more shows over the years, concluding with 2 shows on the Farewell tour and one of them on her own. At that show, while she was down front, Ace had a guitar pick brought out to her. As the years went by, and her health declined, she couldn't go to the shows. When I saw KISS on the Monster Tour last summer, I didn't want to tell her I was going. But, somehow she knew. Just before I left she said to me, "Tell them to play Rock and Roll All Nite and Beth". I just smiled and asked her how she knew. She just said "oh I have my ways." Near the end, she had exercises she had to do to help her throat muscles. One involved sticking out her tongue. She called them her Gene Simmons exercises. The picture is of us getting ready for the Farewell concert in Portland, Maine. That's her with 3 of her sons and her grandchildren. Thank you KISS for giving my Mom a lot of fun and joy. She and my father are together again. But I will always miss her. She always said,"I want you to throw a KISS party for me when I go". We will. Best, Lloyd Mudie
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