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Posted on 06/24/2014
I started listen to KISS when i was 10 years old kid back in 1998, and that's all started when i can found the Psycho Circus action figures in my local toy store. Fast forward to 10 years later, i flew all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to Sydney, to watch KISS for the first time in my life, on KISS Alive 35 Tour in 2008. That was still the best day of my life, and my letter also displayed on kissonline main page back at that time. (Pictured on the right). But sadly, i haven't got the chance for meet and greet back then. After i flew back to Jakarta, Indonesia, i started writing my first song with my band, thrash metal band called Gigantor, and finally release our debut album in 2010. The concert was the thing that inspired me to pursue my dream in music. I proposed my girlfriend (now my wife) to KISS's Forever song and we're just married on 17th of May 2014. Our honeymoon destination is Los Angeles and New York. I saved all my KISS shirts and jacket to wear in New York to honor their hometown, when miraculously, suddenly i walk into Paul Stanley in Rodeo Drive, LA. I run to him while screaming his name, and asking for a photograph, And i am so lucky and humbled to talk to him in person, the number one person that inspired me. Paul was very nice, and i really really wish i could talk longer to him in the future. Thanks to Paul Stanley, and thanks to KISS for the adventure that you all gave to me in my life. Still hope that one day i can watch KISS here in Indonesia, and meet all of the members in person. God gave rock and roll to us!
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