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Starchild and Starkid

Posted on 11/09/2014

Hi guys!!! I gotta give a huge THANK YOU to the band for making my 40 years on earth so INTERESTING Musically AND experience wise.....but mostly....its for being so cool to my little girl over the years. We are a family that cant do the meet and greets,and THATS OK,we love the LIVE SHOW! WE HAVE been fortunate enough to meet EVERYONE in KISS in Indianapolis at KISS expos thru the years,and YOU GUYS NEVER DISAPOINT!!!!! Vanessa met her heroes....and its been EVERYTHING she ever expected....but this moment? When we were walking away from meeting PAUL FREAKIN STANLEY....she stops dead,says WAIT....WE DIDNT GET A STARCHILD POSE!!! To our delight,Mr.Stanley says,NO....NO WE DIDNT...LETS DO IT!!!!! And this pic is the end result.nTo say she still talks about this is an understatement. THANK YOU GUYS and THANK YOU KEITH LEROUX for such amazing opportunities and for being the super guy you are. FANS 4 LIFE!!! Bob and Vanessa Trottier

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