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Sure Know Something KISS Kover by Tambourine Baby

Posted on 12/05/2014

Hello! Hope all is well! We just wanted to share a recent KISS tribute video we made. Our band's name is Tambourine Baby and we're based out of Nashville, TN. In addition to being a house band on the Broadway music row and working as recording engineers and session musicians in town, we also write original songs with this band, and while in the studio the other week, we had some spare time and decided to record a tribute to one of our favorite groups, KISS! After some consideration, we decided to go with a bit of a rarer cut and do Sure Know Something off of Dynasty to show that underneath all the make up and merchandise, these guys are great songwriters and musicians! We even dressed up as the Elder era of the band while performing on Halloween. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy our tribute to the hottest band in the world, KISS, as much as we enjoyed making it! - Tambourine Baby

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