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The Day I Met My Idol

Posted on 02/13/2015

It is incredibly hard for to explain and write what I felt today, but I will do my best. On 10/19/14 I achieved one of the highlights of my life as a fan finally had the chance to meet my idol hero and role model the guy whose music changed me forever and made me decide to pursuit a career in music the one and only GENE SIMMONS from the greatest band of all time KISS! After years of wishing the chance to meet him it finally happened and also could have a little chat with him to I tell him what KISS means to me and that he changed me and then he talked to me as a father telling me that he could not be happier that I am following my dreams After I left he pointed at me and I still could not believe what just happened meeting and chatting with my idol is absolutely priceless! And when I left the place I couldn't handle tears of happiness because what I just lived was only of dreams Thank you Gene for this opportunity and for being the nicest person ever and for taking the time to chat with me of course What made everything extra special is that at the moment I met him Rock and Roll All Nite was played the song that started everything for me Now I'm living in the US studying music and all thanks to KISS.

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