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Father and Son Share Their Love of KISS

Posted on 02/25/2015

Back in 1998, I took my seven year old son Eric to see KISS for the very first time in Chicago, Illinois. Then in 2014, Eric returns the favor and takes his old man to a KISS Meet and Greet in St. Louis, Missouri! We had told Gene about our father and son KISS bond earlier during the day. When it came time for the photo session with the group, Eric went first and Gene told him to stay and motioned for me to come up. Gene told the rest of the band "This is a father and his son. He brought his son to see us for the first time and now the son is bringing the father. They must be in the picture together". Is was a great KISS family day. I highly suggest others do the KISS Meet & Greets as a family. It is a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

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