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Posted on 04/04/2015

Hey Kiss, Katie here Im just writing to say how much Im in love with you guys with and without make up I dont have a favourite because I love you all. The real reason Im writing though is because Ive been wanting to see you for a long time though Im only 14 nearly 15 and my friends at high school Ormiston Forge Academy have been giving me a hard time about... everything really, saying that I can never do anything right now so why try and see you. They have upset me alot over you lately saying you're an old group and that boone listens to you anymore, well I dont care what other people do...theyre practically insane if they dont like you anymore, you're too amazing!! I really want to meet or see you guys but I admit myself Im not lucky enough to ever see you It hurts me, really it does, well I hope you reply to my message oh by the way Im listening to one of your albums as Im typing this, Hope you reply soon, Lots of love Katie


Thanks, Katie!


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