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The hottest day in Belo Horizonte

Posted on 05/05/2015

In 1983, i saw in tv the videoclip I Love it Loud. I was 13 years old. Then, a friend of mine show me the album Killers. And my life never be the same. Kiss came to my country, Brasil, and play in Belo Horizonte. I couldn't see the show. 32 years late, in april 23, the Greatest Band in the World back to my city, and me, my wife, my sister and my sons watched a amazing show. And, best of all, my sister gave me a amazing gift: a ticket to Meet and Greet. So, I just wanna say: thank you very much, Paul and Gene, to gave me the most incredible day of my life and for all those years of rock and fun! And thank you, my beatiful sister Kazue. You are the best!

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