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KISS Birmingham 2010

Posted on 07/03/2015

Hi there, I'm a huge Kiss fan, and was able to finally see them live 5 years ago in Birmingham. The show was phenomenal. By far the best gig I have ever been to. The outfits, the performance, the effects, the atmosphere and the vocals were INCREDIBLE!!! A surreal experience to finally see my idols a few feet away. My Dad introduced me to Kiss when I was little, showing me his old unmasked record, his Kiss greatest hits and I immediately fell in love with the music. We were listening to Kiss on the weekend and the song Tomorrow came on. We both love this song as its an anthem. I then read that this song has never been performed live and we were both in shock as we consider it amongst our favourites! Is there any reason why it's not performed live? As I think it's amazing! Also when is Kiss next in the UK? Many thanks Kim

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