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Feel the KISS Spirit anywhere?

Posted on 08/16/2015

I want to brag on my second family which is the ladies that I work with every day at First National Bank Texas. So its been my birthday week and just Friday 7 2015 they cached up with an out of this world party decorated the branch with black balloons and a rock and roll guitar balloon a cupcake guitar made by my boss and we all dressed up as rock and roll soldiers costumers were like whats going on where are the ties and the suites the office attire dress skirts ???? they are burning in rock and roll hell!!!!! even with out any makeup you can still feel the KISS spirit in my honor thank you girls you rock at every level best birthday in my place of work which is a very serious entity and pay attention my beloved KISS ARMY at the end of the day we also managed to double achieve our goals for that day; did we have an awesome day You can Bank on it!!

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