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The Demon - Tampa July 2014

Posted on 10/20/2015
I wanted to send this photo that I took at my very first KISS concert in July 2014. Our daughter who is now 16, is a HUGE fan and we wanted her to experience KISS. Even though I had been laid off from my job of 16 years, we found a way to get her to that concert. She was not disappointed and neither were we!!! We had an awesome experience and cannot wait until we can do it again!! Even though I was a teenager when KISS started out, I did not appreciate their music until our daughter did. She opened my eyes and ears and I am proud to say that we are part of the KISS ARMY. Hannah, our daughter collects KISS items and would love to personally meet each member one day. If there was any way that I could grant that wish for her... I would. Sadly, that won't be a possibility until I can get a job that is comparable to the one that I was laid off from in 2014. Until then, we just keep listening and rocking to your music. Please consider The Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena as a destination in Jacksonville, Florida as a concert venue.... Thank you Carol Kanost
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