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Paul and Ace costumes Halloween 1974

Posted on 10/24/2015
Kiss fans from the beginning, a friend and I created these costumes for Halloween in 1974. Submitted this pic back then to national magazine Teen Fever and won 1st place as Paul! Met the band after a show in Regina, Saskatchewan(Canada) years later, just before the 2nd live LP, without makeup on, which was considered a big thing to see back then, so my brothers and I and a few other fans who also managed to get backstage were stoked for a long time afterwards. Did a lot of Kiss art back then, one of which was a license plate I hand-painted from the Hotter Than Hell LP cover and tossed it down from high in the the stands behind the stage towards Paul at a concert in Jacksonville Fl. in the early days and a security dude picked it up and showed it to Paul as he was touching up his makeup during the concert, he nodded, and it was placed on the table in front of him. We got high off that! LOL
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