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Me with imitation KISS in Vegas

Posted on 03/04/2016

I am just wanting to say I have LOVED KISS ever since I was little! My mom was and still is a huge fan when she was young and she was the one that got all her of children into loving you guys as well. KISS was at the state fair 3 years ago, me and my family waited outside the gate ALL day, sweating to death, so we could get right in front, which we did, we were center stage by the fence! Unfortunately for me, while waiting for you to come out, I had a seizure and was lifted over the fence and taken to the ambulance behind the stage. I missed the concert! I have a medical condition called Neuro Sarcoidosis and I have brain damage from a brain surgery I had years ago and am now prone to seizures. I was seizure free for three years until that concert. I was and still am mad I missed it, but I was able to make it to the concert you had in MN 2 years ago, I was so far away you looked like ants, but I still made it. You have no idea how excited I am to hear you guys are coming back! I definately will be going again. My mom and sisters are able to and are going to get meet and greets with you this time, I am so jelous and wish I could too. But I will be going for sure and this time me and my husband will be up in the grandstands this time cheering you on!! I have been seizure free since the last time you were here in good old North Dakota, I want to keep it that way. I wish I could be closer, but standing outside all day again frightens me that I might miss the concert again, so, grandstand will be ok too. I can't wait until July 30th!! KISS FAN TILL I DIE!!!!! Kaylyn Senger (Bauer)

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