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Thank You

Posted on 05/15/2016

I would like to thank Kiss for the many years that they have been an inspiration in my life. I served in the United States Army and completed a combat tour of duty in Iraq. Kiss was there to help me get the courage to do what I had to do. I am now currently a police officer and yes once again Kiss has been a huge inspiration. I work in Northern Canada on isolated and extremely remote Indian reservations. This has not been an easy life style but it is my profession and I accept it. Kiss has helped my never to give up and always remember that hard work and commitment to duty will see me through the hard times. I am a Staff Sergeant now and hard work has paid off. I have attended three Kiss Kruises and I was able to be a kid all over again. My son now is joining the US Army to protect our great country. Due to financial restaints I will not be able to attend the KIss Kruise and/or attend the summer tour this year. I am truly greatful for the many years Kiss has been in exsistance. I loved the original 4 members but I also am a big fan of Tommy and Eric for they have kept the train going. Thank you kiss for being there in my childhood and letting me be a kid again as adult. When life is tough I could always put on a Kiss album and escape all of my troubles. Larry Ross

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