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The Unmasked Alive! Stage

Posted on 06/01/2016

Allright people... My name is Kadu Simmons, I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Checking my Kiss stuff a few days ago, I remembered I had The Alive! and Creatures (that uses The clothes from Unmasked tour) set from McFarlane Toys. I decided that I would use them to decorate and show my love for Kiss, however I wouldn't have enough free space in my home office to use both sets. Then, it was time to realize... I created One stage, with figures from both sets, created One kind of background, used The lights, a personalized line-up, and so on. Then, I created The Unmasked Alive! Stage as shown on the photo and I would like to share tgis tribute to Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, Eric Carr... #kissforever

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