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Colorado Springs meet

Posted on 08/04/2016

Dear Gene, Tommy, Eric, and Paul: Thank you so much for the incredible show in Colorado Springs on July 18th! It was my 15th time seeing the band and I loved every minute. Thank you all for being so nice at the photo session, it went fast but that moment meant so much to me! Iíve been a fan since I was 12 (I am 51 now) and although I had met Gene and Paul before this was my first time meeting the entire band and in costume. It was a moment Iíll never forget! Thank you also for leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance and playing the National Anthem. Such a wonderful tribute to our troops! Iím so proud to be a fan of this amazing band and I hope KISS continues for many years to come! All the best always, Rob Hodge

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