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Happy Family

Posted on 08/04/2016

I would like to thank KISS and staff for a very special night. My wife, grandson and I were part of the VIP meet and greet at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise, ID. This was our second time getting the meet and greet package but this time was even more special. I had a kidney transplant six months ago and this was my celebration with my family for a second chance I have been gifted. The guys were so kind. They spent time talking with my three year old grandson. Eric gave him the drumsticks he used during the acoustic show. He also got guitar picks from everyone. We had front row center for both the acoustic and full show. The guys all made a point to acknowledge us during the full show. Paul waved to us, Gene waved his tongue, Tommy gave us a head nod. Right before Eric sang Beth, he threw drumsticks into the audience. He tried several times to get one to us but other fans kept knocking them away from us. Even after several attempts, Eric continued until we got one. I have seen KISS live dozens of times throughout my life and every time was special. However, holding my grandson and experiencing this magical time with him made me feel very emotional. My now grown children have all been raised KISS fans, now a third generation is being raised right. Thank you KISS for creating wonderful family memories. You made us feel special. For anyone who has not experienced the VIP Meet and Greet, I highly recommend you do. It's worth every penny. You will get an experience that you will never forget. Trevor Dunn

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