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Meeting Paul Stanley and my concert experience!

Posted on 08/31/2016

I took my Son for his 9th Birthday as a surprise to see KISS in Duluth, MN on August 3, 2016. KISS has been his favorite band since he was little and it was a dream of his to see the band! He was overjoyed when he learned that we were going to see his FAVORITE band! My Son has been playing drums since he was 6 years old and really appreciates KISS's music. We had the best time at the concert! The experience was absolutely awesome for both my Son and I. I have seen KISS a few times prior to this and I have always been a fan as well and I knew this concert would blow my Son away by how awesome it would be. And, it truly was the best show!!! During the concert my Son had received 21 guitar pics from fans. He was on cloud 9! Then at the end of the concert we decided to hang out a little bit outside after and as we were standing there, Paul Stanley walked by! We asked if he wouldn't mind taking a picture and he said of coarse!! This photo opportunity with Paul and meeting him made my Son's whole Birthday present so amazing!! It was the best night ever for both of us!! Thank you so much KISS for coming to MN! Also, thank you to Paul Stanley for taking the time to meet my Son and I. We will cherish these memories forever. Keep Rockin'!! -Joe and Joey Marcella Ramsey, MN

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