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Gene at Ft. Bragg 2007

Posted on 09/12/2016

I can say honestly that it seems like I've been a KISS fan since I was born, and that was 1982. My dad was a collector and seller of all things KISS back in those days, so I was surrounded by everything imaginable. From the mego dolls, to Halloween costumes, lunchboxes, trash cans...literally every item that KISS marketed. Come on, how many kids can say that they had a 1978 KISS Bally Pinball machine in their bedroom! Well, as time has progressed, my love for KISS has progressed as well. No, I can't say that I have nearly as much stuff as my dad once did, but my passion for the band is greater than ever. I'm not so much into collecting all of the merchandise as I am more meaningful items, such as autographs and pictures with each surviving member. I have had the honor of meeting Gene, which is the picture attached, as well as meeting Ace, have obtained the autographs of seven members of KISS, and been to two KISS shows in the past six years. It is now 2016 and my dream is coming true of doing a Meet and Greet with the band in Richmond, VA. As an ARMY Guard Veteran of Iraq, the only thing that would have been better than that is to be a roadie for a day. Unfortunately, I never found out how to apply for that through the Hiring Heroes website...but either way, I will take the opportunity to meet KISS any way I can get it.

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