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Making Dreams Come True

Posted on 12/15/2016

Mr. Simmons, On August 22nd 2016, you made a dying man's dream come true. I've reached out to you previously to thank you for all you did for him. Today, I just want to update you on Dad. He's still hanging in there! He talks about that night every single day. While he is still steadily declining with dementia starting to kick in, he is still in high hopes and isn't ready to give up! As you may know, his disease is very rare. With the help of social media, he was connected with 2 others that have his illness and the 3 of them became very close and when health allowed them, they would travel and get together. They were the 3 amigos. Sadly, they have both recently passed away, making this a difficult Christmas for Dad, making him feel he has nothing left, and feeling alone. I was able to put a smile on his face when I went on vacation to Gatlinburg, where I purchased his very own Gene Simmons Christmas ornament to hang on the tree to add to the "Stories of 2016" collection. It's dead center of the tree so every morning, and it's the first thing he sees, so he thinks about the night of your show, and his day starts off on a good note. :) Again, Mr. Simmons, thank you. You'll never know how much you've touched his heart. Merry Kissmas to you and your family. 🤘🏻 Love always, Angelina Cervone

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