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Flaming Youth

Posted on 05/14/2017

Dear Mr. Stanley, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Thayer, Mr. Singer: thank you so much for this Saturday (May 6) in Stockholm. An amazing show as usual and a memory for life for me and my son! You sirs are truly committed to your Army. You make sure to keep us entertained (blown away!) and treat the lot of us with the utmost dignity and respect, both on- and off stage. You let us know that we matter, so it’s not hard to understand why KISS is, and always will be, the hottest -and greatest- band in the world! When my son Viktor was two, he started singing along to “Shout it out loud” in the car on our way to kindergarten. By the age of three he proclaimed that the Destroyer album was -at any circumstances- not to be removed from the car stereo. At this point, he had only heard your songs, never seen any pictures of the band… So I hesitantly decided to let him watch a live clip: KISS live in concert, makeup and all! And that was it, from here on after it was KISS-this-and-KISS-that!!! For his fifth birthday I got him a KISS Army membership and a Meet and Greet ticket for the show in Stockholm. Five months later we were finally standing outside Tele 2 Arena. Now, Viktor hasn’t refused to cut his hair (for years) to be mistaken for a girl, nor did he put on that cool Demon makeup to look cute. Still he received a lot of “Awwws” and “What a cute little girl” among the crowd while he patiently waited for his favorite band in the world. He was furious! And waited he did (an eternity for a five-year-old). But he was adamant and refused to leave his spot by the fence, not even to go to the restrooms… Then YOU SIRS appear and immediately recognize him as a true die-hard-fan and treat him as such! Was this for real?? Close encounter with his biggest heroes! He was stunned!!! As the brave little soldier he is, he took a short powernap in my arms before the photo session later on, but stayed awake throughout the whole show, including the extra set. He was thrilled to hear “Flaming Youth”; one of his favorite songs! Not once during the entire concert did he take his eyes off the stage!! And Mr. Eric Singer: God bless you!!! You sir, not only are you an excellent drummer and a bona fide rock star but what a humble and gentle soul! I cannot thank you enough for taking Viktor under your wing and spending that extra time with him! To say you made quite an impact is an understatement. Demon makeup or not; I suspect I will find my son behind a drum kit of his own in a nearby future… Yours sincerely Daniel (Viktor’s dad)

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