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KISS' biggest little fan

Posted on 08/17/2017

KISS, I am pleased to introduce you to my 5 year old son, Isaac. He is a Kiss Megafan! He has been obsessed with the band for a couple of years and dresses up as a Kiss band member at least weekly. For his 5th birthday party this year he planned a Kiss-themed party complete with a cake that he designed himself and games like pin-the-tongue-on-demon. He put on a Kiss concert with his friends and was the happiest kid ever. Isaac is taking music lessons this summer and is learning 'I was made for loving you'. When we asked Isaac what he wanted as his birthday gift he immediately responded "tickets to see Kiss!", so this weekend we are bringing him to the concert in Buffalo on Saturday night. He's got his Demon costume and wig ready for the show and a pic of him and Gene together would be the highlight of his 5 years and probably the next 5! Thank you so much for your consideration. Andrea Piche

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