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The cocktail named for KISS

Posted on 08/25/2017

Bartender, a group of people with rich musical qualities, at least as far as I know about Bartender. "You're in the psycho circus, You're in the psy, You're in the psycho circus, And I say ..." "Welcome to the show! Kiss's Psycho Circus." "You also know KISS?" "I know." "The next time you may use KISS as the theme of the cocktail." With their make-up and costumes, KISS took on an individuality of "black and white" style. We fused several elements in this drink, including the raspberry which is on behalf of the blood; Tabasco sauce which is a symbol of ebullience. To present the "black and white" style of the rock band. We used milk foam and whiskey mixed with sugar. Enjoy the gorgeous and dazzling drink! - Lai Kai Wen

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