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My Punisher Bass Tattoo!!

Posted on 09/19/2017

Hi, KISS Army Worldwide!!! My name is Roberto and here is my Punisher Bass tattoo, in honor to the great Gene Simmons!! I live in Brazil and am an artisan. I make musical instruments in miniature, made of cardboard and recyclable/sustainable materials. The instrument I love the most is the Punisher Bass!! Please check out my work in my personal account of Instagram @parquedafonte_beto_kabelo, and also in the account of my atelier @enarearts. Long live KISS Army!! KISS, Brazil loves you so much!! 😎🎸🎶 #EnareArts #KissForKids #Kisstory #Kissteria #KissArmy #GeneSimmons #PunisherBass #CortGuitars #TheDemon #tattoo #loveandrock 😎🎸🎶 @enarearts @genesimmons @kissonline ♥

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