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KISS class pumpkin contest winners

Posted on 10/26/2017

Hello, My name is Stephanie Cook and I have worked for the Jean M. Manfra School for the past 11 years. It is a school for Developmentally Disabled and Children with Autism in Sparta, NJ. This year for Halloween, we had a pumpkin "theme" contest. We chose the "Kiss" theme and decided to use 4 pumpkins representing each band member and put them on a wooden stage and made a guitar in the background. Although I didn't do much of the work, besides cutting the black yarn hair, I have to give my co-workers credit for all the awesome work they did on the display. We won 1st place! We get a pizza party for our prize. Our students will be very happy with that. Everyone at JMMS school works very hard with the students and we are family. They all loved our display also and think Kiss is awesome! It is nice to have some fun. light hearted moments in a stressful environment at times. Hope your fans like our picture! - Stephanie J Cook

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