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My daughter is only 3years old and is absolutely obsessed with Kiss. Everyday she needs to listen to her kiss and begs me to paint her face like the band members. She fell in love with kiss from an episode of scooby doo, now she is obsessed! - Meagan Miller

Posted on 01/21/2018

My Elder son's Tatoo

Hi ! We are a KISS fan family ! I am fan since 1978, my wife and my two sons are fans too. Here is a pic of my Elder son Romain. He is now 19yo. His first KISS concert was in dec. 1997, reunion tour in Paris (France) in fact, my wife was pregnant, and Romain was Rockin' and Rollin' inside ! Then his first real concert was in june 2008 a great experience for him, he was 10yo. Today he made a smart tatoo on his arm inclunding parts of his life. The samurai reminds he his black belt in Judo and black belt in Karate. The demon make-up ... I really don't know why ;) and last somewhere on the shoulder bell, the imperial cog from Star Wars. And last Romain is very proud to have his birthday in May 12th as a certain Eric Singer. May the Rock Be With You ! Stephane, Sandrine, Romain and Laurick

Posted on 01/19/2018


Mexican KISS Tribute Band, Carnival Of KISS, would like to thank Gene, Paul, Tommy & Eric, as well as the other Band Members throughout KISStory, for giving us inspiration in life and music. We proudly wave the KISS Flag everywhere we go and try to keep your music and legacy alive. - Carnival Of KISS

Posted on 01/19/2018
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