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Hello Houston!!

Paul- I am a photographer and this pic is my favorite i shot in Houston!! Hope you love it!!! been a fan since 75' and will always be a fan till i am in the ground!!!

Posted on 10/03/2017

The New Generation of KISS Army.....

Ready for the first Kiss Concert in Dortmund/Germany for my daughter Lisanne at may this year. She is 12 years old an it was "AMAZING" she said. In 1980 my first Kiss Concert was at the same place. And now together with my daughter! It`s unbelievable! Since 40 Years I'll be KISS infected an i hope my daughter too. The new generation is born... "KISS ARMY FOREVER" want the best, you got the best! Greetings from Michael and daughter Lisanne

Posted on 10/03/2017


Hi KISS!My daughter Miyu(10) made Kawaii KISS. She wants to be a guitarlist. And ,She loves KISS very much. From Japan.

Posted on 10/03/2017

The Portrait of Gene Simmons

Hi Kiss! Please show my artwork to Gene. It was inspired by the history of Kiss masks and performances - like the Kabuki Theater. In this portrait I introduced Gene in Japan, in the homeland of Kabuki Theater. Canvas, acrylic, 80x100 cm. I hope he like it! I love and I draw Kiss all my life! XOXO

Posted on 09/26/2017

KISS Mardi Gras Mask Tattoo

So I did a thing.... 40 years a fan and I've always wanted a KISS tattoo. Saw a cool skull mask tattoo on KKV,  took a pic for inspiration and waited for the thunderbolt.  After my visit to NOLA last summer, it hit me!  How cool would KISS mask tattoos be, Mardi Gras style?  Then it was announced in November that KKVII was leaving from NOLA this year!??!! It was meant to be!!! Now that's what you call...KISSmet...💋 See you on the high seas, Maureen 😁

Posted on 09/26/2017

Benefit Concert for Heloisa - Project "KISS For Kids" (S„o Paulo

Dear KISS Army, In addition to worrying about the musical education of our kids, we also care about their well-being. Heloisa is practically the fifth member of our band, and meeting this beautiful girl is a privilege for us all. I'll tell you a little bit here about her history: Helo√­sa is a beautiful girl who lives with her mother here in S√£o Paulo, and she has spinal muscular atrophy (type 1). She needs a new wheelchair, because her current one has the recliner broken. Hel√´ needs a new wheelchair to get around and continue with her activities, and it undoubtedly contributes so much to her treatment. We met Hel√´ at the November 2016 concert, and since then he has been present at all our shows and in our lives. For this reason, all ticket sales of our next "Kiss For Kids" show, on next October 1st 2017, will be reversed to the purchase of Hel√´'s new wheelchair. Please check out more of our work, in our instagram account @kissforkidsoficial. God bless you KISS, we love you so much!! With all my love, Felipe Simmons Mendes Kiss For Kids / Kiss Cover Brazil

Posted on 09/26/2017

"KISS Style" Wedding 2017 September 29th

Dear Friends, next week me and Mia are getting married. All our life was characterized by you, especially mine because I'm a 50 years old. I was made for lovin' you baby, you were made for lovin' me is the motto of our life and we'll follow you forever. Please, donate to us just a second of your thought and it will be the most important gift of our wedding. Lovin' you... Ciro and Mia

Posted on 09/25/2017

Everyday is Rock n Roll Day

This is Sophie Cogan on her way to school at Eagle View Elementary in Denver, Colorado. It's Rock n Roll day for the 4th grade and she is representing well by showing all of her friends who the hottest band in the world is. However, the school should realize that not just today is Rock n Roll day, EVERYDAY is Rock n Roll day! - Tad Cogan

Posted on 09/25/2017

Poster Tributo a KISS

Poster Tributo a KISS Saludos desde Tosagua Ecuador. Best regards Cesar Gonzalez KISS Army Member 2017 - CESAR AUGUSTO GONZALEZ DUEÑAS

Posted on 09/25/2017
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