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My 50s Birthday!!!

Ehi Guys what do You think about my 50 birthday cake!!! That's thanks to my wonderful wife, who I met...because of You!!! Proud to be a Fan since 1979! A big hug from us! - Paolo Marantz

Posted on 09/25/2017

Magic Four

Hi! I am artist Vasilina Sermyagina. I live in Russia, in Yekaterinburg. These are my four KISS paintings I adore rock music and painting. My heart is filled with delight and inspiration from music and the show KISS! KISS - the best group for all times! You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best!! - Vasilina Sermyagina

Posted on 09/25/2017


My new KISS tattoo! I am very happy with it! Made by tattoo magna, Surhuisterveen ( Holland ). - Klaas Haaksma

Posted on 09/25/2017

KISS Rocks!!

Dear KISS, I sent you a letter about a week ago but I sent it to the address on the back of the destroyer album. I went to your concert in Aroura Illinois on Aug.30. I don't have much merchandise but I don't care and you probably don't either. I have 2 shirts and some albums on vinyl. I just turned 11 on September 11 so it was my golden birthday. Your biggest fan, Adam Earle

Posted on 09/25/2017

My little Gene Simmons

Hello, My husband is a follower of yours and my son, Hector, of 5 years, he has heard your music "pirates" since he was born. This year, which result in the feasts of my city has wanted to make the playback of I was lovin' you baby. I attached picture of my small Gene Simmons.  - Silvia González González

Posted on 09/25/2017

Thanks for great photos in 1977,Bob Gruen!

Last month,In Tokyo. I met Bob Gruen,legendaly photographer, for the first time in 40 years. He remember the first shooting at very first KISS show in Osaka in 1977. I and my friends put on KISS makeup at that time. I was 16years old. Yes, I was the yellow Gene!! It's very honor that there was my photo on the official 1977-1978KISS tour book. Thanks Bob!! Please take a look what he was holding in Bob's hand. That's KISS official pinbatch he gave me 40years ago!! That's amazing!!! - Hirokazu Matsuda

Posted on 09/20/2017
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