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Alive III Tribute Stage

Mexican KISS Tribute Band, Carnival Of KISS Stage during a KISS Alive III Full Album Show stage in Foro RR Live November 11th, 2018. Paying homage to The Hottest Band in the World!

Posted on 11/17/2017

Our wedding cake

Hi we got engaged on kkvi infront of kiss,got married on november 2nd then flew to New Orleans to catch kkvii for our honeymoon,best kruise yet and most definatley the best honeymoon we could ve dreamed off.heres a photo of our wedding cake.Gary & Sheona Campbell from North Wales ,U.K. - Gary Campbell

Posted on 11/17/2017

Trisha Yearwood

Although not our real names, our friends call us Donnie and Marie because she's a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock n roll. And by a little, I mean a lot! Treated my wife to the Garth Brooks concert in Spokane on Nov 12th. I wore my KISS shirt knowing full well that Garth idolizes KISS, too. I received some funny looks and comments from others before the show. AND THEN .Trisha Yearwood performed five of her own songs wearing a KISS shirt! Total redemption!! Garth approached her on stage and reading his lips, he said to Trisha "Nice shirt! I gave you that shirt." ...Just goes to show, there's a little KISS in all of us! - David Richards

Posted on 11/17/2017


My kid Xavier as Gene last night for Halloween. He received so many compliments trick or treating and had requests by so many to have his picture taken! A Creature Of The Night! - Daniel Carroll

Posted on 11/02/2017
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