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My KISS Birthday Cake

Hi, my name is Trace Johnson. I am 23 years old and I live in Hurricane, WV. I have been a huge KISS fan for a large portion of my life and this year marks the 10th year anniversary of when KISS became my favorite band. I have seen KISS in concert five times, most recently in Huntington, WV on the Freedom To Rock Tour. For my 23rd birthday, I wanted a KISS birthday cake and I was blown away with how great this cake turned out. KISS has had a big impact on my life and I thought I'd share this with everyone. Rock on!

Posted on 05/14/2017

You wanted the best, you got the best, the KISS KITE!!

My 6 year old son made a KISS KITE in his arts & crafts class at school. Also shown in the photo are two of his KISS mix compilation CDs of his favorite songs. I told him Gene might be interested in the idea of marketing a KISS KITE if he hasn't thought of it already.. my son said you are welcome to use his kite as a prototype free of charge!!

Posted on 05/14/2017

KISS/GENE Handbag!

My son made a KISS/GENE handbag in his arts & crafts class at elementary school. He is pretty happy with how it came out!

Posted on 05/14/2017

Westbrook Rocks Dynasty Shirt

Always turning heads with his eclectic attire, OKC Thunder star Russell Westbrook, rocks this button down Dynasty shirt before and after a first round playoff game of the 2017 NBA Playoffs !!!

Posted on 05/14/2017

Our favorite "Star Child"

KISSNation, please meet Sophie Grace Capps - born March 9, 2017 at 4:44 in the afternoon. She's the newest recruit in the KISS Army! (Parents Jesse and Nicole Capps - Knoxville, TN)

Posted on 05/14/2017

New Tattoo

When a band is more than a band, but a lifestyle in which, do not let yourself be put down or judged by anyone, what you have to do is believe in yourself, know your potential and live to win !!! This is Kiss' lifestyle, which since I was 12 years old, was my lifestyle and the teachings of Paul Simmons, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss with honorable mention of Eric Carr, Bruce Kulick, Mark St. John, Vinnie Vincent, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer for more than 43 years not letting this rock legend die! Thank you all for making me feel better with your music, your messages of fun, love, relationship and rock n 'roll !!! I gave my blood and I gave my soul I stayed my ground and I took control The legend's growing as the story's told I pledge allegiance to the state Of rock n 'roll !!! " Like a song from another band influenced by Kiss that I also love: Motley Crue: "One love and one band (*woman), you are my new tattoo, Tonight is the very first night of my life with you, Until the day I die I promise it's true Everyone will see my new tattoo! "

Posted on 05/14/2017

The KISS Mini Van

Just the front of the van the kids yell "The KISS Van" when I drive by, and the cops know the as "The die hard KISS Fan in town."

Posted on 05/14/2017
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