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June is Starchild

My daughter June age 3 is more ore less in love whit starchild. To night her older sister did her first starchild make up. And i do see a rockstar in the making!!!!

Posted on 06/14/2017

Mission Accomplished...

So what started as a once in a life time experience , that being purchasing a meet and greet back in 2010 at the Indiana State Fair turned into a mission.....The mission ...( My son meeting each original member dressed as that member ).....It took 7 years, a small chunk of money and many many hours of costume making for me.....The passion my son and I have for KISS has created a bond that can't be broken between us......All the people we've met , the friends we've made , the memories created and all the places we've seen , all because of the love for this band .......Mission Accomplished .....Jeff Moss

Posted on 06/14/2017

KISS is everywhere

Promotion of the movie "solo se vive una vez" , from Argentina, the actor also make a cover of I was made for loving you in the movie

Posted on 06/13/2017

Andrea_the new Demon?

Good morning my children Andrea, 8 years old, is becoming your fan after watching Scooby and the mistery of rock n roll. He hopes in another visit in Italy to see you on stage. Good bye

Posted on 06/12/2017

Birthday cake

This was the cake my girlfriend made for me , Keith leroux took the pic at the Worcester show at my guitar meet and great. I think it came out kisstastic.

Posted on 06/11/2017

London 31.05.17

KISS rocked London!! Thank you for an amazing show.... We got the best! My mates costume proved very popular!

Posted on 06/09/2017
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