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From Texcoco, Mexico, land of the God of rain, Tlaloc. Ouuu yeahhh!!!!!

Posted on 05/14/2017


Hello KISS! I'm your big fan from Russia! May 1, you played a grandiose concert in Moscow! I really liked it, since I was the first time at your concert! Thank you very much! Come to Russia again! God bless you! Nauk Roman Nicolaevich prospekt

Posted on 05/14/2017

Spark magazine

Hello: A KISS report in the Spark magazine in the Czech Republic. See you in Brno on May. Cheers, Rodrigo Schmidt

Posted on 05/14/2017

Dynasty by Harry

Hello this is my 6 year old son Harrys drawing , he loves the Dynasty album and this is his tribute to that. He would be over the moon if you would put this picture on your website This saturday 6/5 we will go and see Kiss at Tele2 arena in Stockholm Sweden. The first Kiss for Harry and the 4th time for me , best wishes Hampus Grönberg

Posted on 05/14/2017

RnR Mansion Sweden

I am running a small studio and happen to live in a big old house on the countryside. I thought I'd turn it into a Rock and Roll mansion to celebrate you visiting my country. Welcome to Sweden, gentlemen.

Posted on 05/14/2017


Hi! My name is Volva, I live in Russia. Thank you for the wonderful show in Moscow!!! You wanted the best, and you got the best. the hottest band in world KISS!!!

Posted on 05/14/2017

Farewell to Jeff Decker

The Omaha Nebraska area unexpectedly lost one of its rock warriors and biggest KISS fans on April 27, 2017 due to natural causes. Jeff was a lifelong KISS fanatic and was especially a fan of Gene Simmons. Jeff performed as Gene in "KISSology" an Omaha based tribute band and paying tribute to Gene was a dream come true for Jeff. Jeff's costume was on display at the funeral which was attended by many in the rock community. Just as the funeral was about to begin, Jeff's girlfriend received a message from Gene who is on tour in Europe. The photo was shown to everyone in attendance and was ultimately was shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook. We can't thank Gene (Jeff's hero) enough for taking the time to reach out with this special message. Greg Trimm Omaha NE

Posted on 05/14/2017

Tommy Thayer Puppet, and White Lightning Guitar featured in new

Hey KISS, Just wanted to share this music video from your good pals in GREEN JELLY. It features a Tommy Thayer Spaceman-esq puppet, and features Tommy's White Lightning Epiphone Guitar. It's really cool, and reminds me of when Gene & Paul were in a Green Jelly video years ago. Here's the link:

Posted on 05/14/2017
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